• Engage, Acquire, Nurture, Convert.


  • Who We Are

    Authentic Matters is a digital communications consultancy that helps businesses—from startups to Fortune 500s—improve how they engage, acquire, nurture and convert their customers.


    We specialize in audience definition and development, buyer journey mapping, funnel optimization, lead nurturing, conversion optimization and customer engagement. Said simpler: we're good at getting people to do a thing—at scale. We do this by implementing digital (and occasionally traditional) marketing strategies that not only convince but convert.


    Client industry specialties include fintech / financial services, mobile, SaaS, real estate, edtech / education, search, software design & development, nonprofit and ecommerce—but if the digital marketing perspective is sound and the ability to understand a business from all angles is true, vertical specialty doesn't really matter.





  • What We Do

    Authentic Matters' areas of tactical expertise include...

    Content Strategy and Development

    "Content" isn't just blogging for blogging's sake. It's a strategy that, when designed and executed properly, drives quality traffic. But that's not where it ends. A content strategy isn't worth much with out compelling calls-to-action and subsequent workflows. We obsessively create relevant, compelling content—from blog posts, case studies and infographics to ebooks, whitepapers and podcasts—and the architectures that must accompany them.

    Email Marketing & Automation

    As much as we all want to declare it dead, email still matters. From acquisition architecture and drip campaigns to onboarding programs and customer support communications, we design, write and develop crisp email marketing strategies and campaigns that get opened, clicked, funneled and measured.


    Demand generation gets much more interesting when it’s powered by product. Engineering-as-marketing taps the dev side of the room to build useful tools that engage and capture leads. Chances are you’ve encountered some yourself: calculators, estimators, recommendation engines. We develop and execute engineering-as-marketing products that do two things: provide user value and source leads.


    PR gets a bad rap, typically deservedly so. There are a lot of lousy "PR people." On the other hand, good PR is personal. It's strategic. It's developing and forging tightly-kept value-based relationships with the reporters, writers, bloggers, producers and editors at new and traditional media outlets that have the eyes ears of a given audience. But more than that, good PR is measured. That's how we do PR.

    Influencer Engagement

    Social influence matters and striking relationships with those that hold sway over a given audience is rarely a one-size-fits-all exercise. Yet the rewards can be more than well worth it. The key? We adhere to the patient development of real, authentic relationships that value mutual benefit over self-servedness. 


    Whether paid or organic, social is an engagement channel, not just a megaphone. And not all channels are right for a given company or product. We excel at identifying which ones to tap, how to tap them and for what measurable purpose. And of course, we measure those efforts.

    Web Design & Development

    There’s a good chance your website is your company’s best salesperson. It’s always available. It’s device agnostic. That’s why, from a communications perspective, we are passionate about the form, function, content and context of what essentially amounts to your company’s digital storefront. Thus we love designing, developing, hosting and maintaining clean, elegant websites that just plain work.

    Thought Leadership

    Becoming a recognized, thought-provoking voice in an industry can measurably impact your company and your products or services. But two problems often present themselves: time and knowing where to start. We help business leaders capture and crystalize their thoughts in a a way that will appeal to target media outlets that have the eyes and ears of the audiences you seek to influence.

    Buyer Journey Optimization

    For many (most) products or services, purchase isn't a singular moment. Buyers have journeys. We strategically map those journeys and identify the right moments to implement action-oriented catalysts. It's an exercise equal parts art and science.

    The Wildcard

    This isn’t a tactical offering at all but it’s one of the things we do best. We thrive on developing and executing unconventional marketing strategies that are low on risk and high on reward. It’s the whole “zig while they zag” thing. Best part: we don’t wait around for you to ask for these ideas—we toss them your way regularly. Want real examples? Email us and ask about tax prep karaoke at City Hall. Or learn about how we shared a mobile app development competition with thousands of developers through Meetups and universities.

  • Who We Do It For

    Recent and current Authentic Matters clients include…


    Multinational Technology Company

    Influencer Engagement, Content, Speaking

    Arcweb Technologies

    Digital Product Design & Development Firm

    Marketing, Advertising, Social, Content, Email Automation, Events, PR


    Cowork Community

    Branding, Web Design, Content, Marketing, Member Acquisition, Strategy

    Camera Club

    Photo-Sharing iOS App

    Influencer Engagement, Product Beta Testing


    Simple Cloud Accounting for Small Business

    PR, Content,  Sales, Events, Email Marketing, iOS Marketing, Partner Marketing

    The Center for Financial Services Innovation & CFSI Innovation Labs

    A community of startups, financial services companies and nonprofit organizations building solutions to improve the financial lives of Americans.

    Digital Marketing, Content, Web Design and Management, Email Marketing


    An immersive, collaborative digital learning platform, complementing the traditional educational experience.

    Messaging, Content, PR, Sales Material Design and Development


    AED Services & Solutions Provider

    Web Design & Development

    D2D Fund

    A non-Profit committed to strengthening the financial opportunity and security of financially vulnerable consumers by discovering ideas, piloting solutions, and driving innovations to scale.

    Digital Marketing, Comprehensive Communications Strategy, Stakeholder & Partner Relationship Sourcing and Management


    A college savings registry that allows friends and family to easily give the meaningful gift of college savings.

    PR, Influencer Engagement

    Entrepreneur Magazine

    Industry-leading publication for entrepreneurs and small business.

    Thought Leadership Column


    Ecommerce Platform for Geeks

    PR, Guerrilla Marketing

    SmallBizDev Hackathons

    Mobile App Development Competition

    Marketing, Applicant Acquisition



    Financial Dashboard for Small Business

    PR, Content


    Marketplace lender connecting small businesses with real investors for growth and expansion projects.

    Public Relations, Content Marketing


    A technology and analytics company helping business travelers live and work better.

    PR, Events


  • Adam Neary, CEO @ Profitably

    We sought out Authentic Matters for help with PR. I was very careful about who I worked with because the PR space is teaming with people a mile wide and an inch deep, and we didn't want a carnival mountebank. Dave and his crew, in contrast, are the real deal. There's no BS, no spin… just hard-nosed execution on the work they set out to accomplish, complemented by clear, straightforward client communication.

    Jason Blanck, CEO @ Broodr

    Dave and his team thrive on coming up with unconventional marketing and PR strategies. Case and point: To reach our target audience of geekier types, they put together a New York City gift-giving tour for the holidays in which we visited a handful of startups and cowork spaces. Makes sense, right? Broodr Claus and his elf were all up and down the MTA, visiting spots like WeWork and Thrillist and earning great social buzz the whole way.

    Sarah Gordon, VP @ The Center for Financial Services Innovation

    It's refreshing to work with a firm like Authentic Matters that can map out thoughtful marketing and communications strategies and has the hustle and grit to execute. But what's maybe more refreshing is to see just how much they love the projects they get involved with. It's as genuine as it is uncommon.


    Timothy Flacke, Executive Director @ D2D Fund

    This team is thoughtful, versatile and effective. They brought the full weight of their experience and network to get us results, thinking creatively to solve our business problem. Equally important, they're a delight to work with - responsive, good humored, cooperative and personable.

    Jim Secord, CEO @ Kashoo

    It's interesting to look back at the last four-plus years and map the growth of our relationship with Authentic Matters. What started out as PR-for-hire expanded into content strategy and marketing automation and customer success support and lead gen and collateral development and even intentionally amateur videography and screenwriting. That sort of versatility and adaptability is valuable to any company at any stage.

  • The Team

    We are a tight-knit group of smart, passionate people who get work done.

    Dave Clarke

    Founder / Lead Strategist

    A digital strategist, Dave believes that clear, consistent value and genuine empathy is what converts a customer.

    Carolyn McMahon


    With a commitment to delivering social impact, Carolyn specializes in human-centric design and strategic communications.

    Nick Iverson

    Creative Lead

    A photographer, designer and developer, Nick perpetually pursues the moment where functionality and aesthetic meet. 

  • Advisors

    Great teams have great support.

    Matt Wallaert

    Behavioral Scientist

    Matt is a behavioral psychologist and social psychologist working at the intersection of technology and human behavior. He is currently the East Coast Lead at Microsoft Ventures.

    Avi Karnani


    Avi create new products and partnerships that combine people, products and profit in ways that drive people to lead fuller, more satisfying lives. He is currently the CEO & co-founder at Alice Financial.

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