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Clever Unsubscribe Moment

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So I unsubscribed from Groupon today. It was simply too much email. And as our work routinely involves customer service and customer feedback, I told Groupon why I was unsubscribing and selected the “too much email” choice. What popped up next was clever:

In the video, Derrick’s boss walks in, hassles him, and then… throws water in his face. Clearly this is a bit, but here’s why it’s clever, from a customer interaction perspective… 

For starters, most unsubscribers of any product (particularly email) are doing so in a negative mood. They’re angry, overwhelmed, annoyed. In short, there was a reason they unsubscribed, and the chances they were doing so because they just loved the product too much are way slim. (“It’s not you, Groupon… it’s me. We can still be friends.” Ha. Highly unlikely.) But this little “Punish Derrick” gadget made me smile, thus reducing my level of irritation. And note the “Resubscribe” button below. I’d be interested to know how successful that is. Does this tactic move the user (or former user) from anger to empathy to reconsideration? Not sure. But it certainly made me less angry. However, I did not subscribe.

Either way, it’s a good idea. It’s a last ditch effort to keep a customer that doesn’t reek of desperate salesmanship. It even makes Groupon appear more human. And anytime a web product can do that, it’s a win.

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