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Cloud This, Cloud That.

Web products being billed as cloud is becoming increasingly excessive (if it already hasn’t passed a saturation point). This is particularly true when the small business owner is the recipient of said messaging. Cloud hosting, cloud payroll, cloud CMS… the list goes on. 

But we’re also hitting another saturation point: the assumption of cloud amongst the small business owning audience and it’s reduced function in marketing/messaging. Think about it. How much longer will “you can access the same real-time data via any device!" remain a selling point? In fact, it may even wind up setting you back. It’ll be like a phone salesperson promoting call waiting. (What phone doesn’t have call waiting?) It’ll soon be assumed that fresh real-time data within a product is accessible anytime, anywhere, by any device. Sure, there’s still the small business owner learning curve, but educating them on the technicalities of cloud is becoming less relevant as they embrace cloud tech in their day to day lives - both personal and professional -without even realizing they’re doing it. Example: My aunt’s a photographer. She uses Dropbox to store and access her photos. Does she know that she’s using a cloud technology? Does she even care? Maybe, maybe not. But it doesn’t matter. It works and she gets it. And Dropbox gets that. In their entire intro video, the word “cloud” is not mentioned once. 

No, not every small business owner gets it yet. But as the cloud becomes more and more central to all our lives, it’ll become an assumption, not a selling point.

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