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Every Marketing Person: Listen Up.

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Just because a technology exists doesn’t mean you should force it into your product marketing. Actually, let me revise that. You need to consider the use case and the actual usability of said technology in your marketing. 

For example, we’ve all seen the Shazam icon pop up at the end of a commercial on TV, right? In theory, it’s a great idea. Give your audience a way to learn more simply by device listening. But throwing up the Shazam icon in the last five seconds of a 30 second spot is not nearly enough time for a viewer to A. get their phone (presuming it’s not already in hand) B. unlock it C. page through to their Shazam app D. open Shazam E. click listen. Better idea? If you’re hellbent on using Shazam method to more information, let it run at the bottom for the entirety of the spot.

The same goes for QR codes. The fact that QR codes are a laughingstock of the internet can almost entirely be attributed to the fact that they’ve been used poorly since their inception. On subway placards in the middle of the tracks, entirely inaccessible unless the user decides to hop in? Seriously? I’d offer a better use of QR codes, but they’re pretty much a lost cause

So marketing people: think long and hard about the usability of the technology you want to insert into your marketing. Better yet, test it. If the execution is difficult, it’s going to be so for your target audience. 

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