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Looking for a Communications Internship That is Less “Fetching Coffee” and More “Doing Actual Work?"

Then you should come work with us...

We’re on the hunt for a digital research assistant who can flat out get things done. What kind of stuff? Media research, media monitoring, client research, content development (blogging, social), media listening (aka, keep a finger on the pulse of the right media for our clients to find out what we can do for them). You’ll be doing actual work for actual clients, not just internal stuff that no one will ever see. Learn more about AuthenticMatters.

Hours: 10-15 per week, give or take. Paid. 

This is a remote gig and that means you can work remotely effectively (coffee shop, dorm, library, wherever). But effectively means you’re accountable. You’re checking in on Skype on-time, relaying to the team what you’re working on for the day, meeting deadlines, gchatting regularly, checking out on Skype when you’ve got to punch out. Remote work when not abused is a beautiful thing. When abused, it’s ugly. Don’t abuse it. 
You can write—but not in the typical academic way. Instead, you have the ability to understand a target audience and the action we want that audience to take. You can capture the right tone, style, purpose, nuances, etc. 
You know the tools of the trade: Dropbox, HipChat, Evernote, GoToMeeting/, Google Apps/Drive, Skype, etc. 
You can find anything on the web. Repeat: YOU CAN FIND ANYTHING ON THE WEB. 
You’re tech-savvy: WordPress (and other CMS’s). Huge bonus if you know at little code, but it’s expected that you can hack things out (i.e., Can you take embed code from a Wistia/Vimeo video and make it look sharp in a blog post? Can you craft a crisp email in MailChimp?). But most of all: can you understand a clients’ products and how they make a business? 
Bring your own devices: laptop, tablet, phone, whatever lets you work best. Only requirement is strong internet connectivity. 
This isn’t your typical agency internship gig. No coffee hustling, copying, etc. (Obviously, since it’s remote-friendly). Your job will be to tackle real tasks that matter not only to our clients, but to our business. 
Interested? Send links (Twitter, blog, LinkedIn). Cover email, resume to

PS - If you have minimal digital presence on the web, do that first… we value something like a blog much more so than, say, a resume objective statement.

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