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Pitching a New Client

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Some pre-viewing notes: 

  1. Young kids coming out of school, if this is what you envision your “career in PR” to be, have fun and good luck. Seriously.
  2. This is comedic gold. Nick Kroll’s new Comedy Central show “Kroll Show” is dead funny. Highly recommend it.
  3. Liz B. and Liz G. do, in fact, exist in the real world. There are people like them in the “PR world.” (Even using the phrase “PR world” makes me cringe.) Their existence—and ability to earn a living and an even slightly positive reputation “doing PR”— is both fascinating and infuriating.
  4. I’d pull some quotes, but there are too many. Though, “I just want to have an amazing life” is pretty fantastic.
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