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Slack's Promo Video is Perfect

Here's Why...

Yes, Slack is fantastic and its meteoric rise is flat-out incredible, but their promo video is equally awesome. Here's why: 
  • It's funny. Give people something they'll actually want to watch.
  • It's well-produced, but not over-produced. So many product promo videos are either too DIY or too slick. Slack hits the sweet spot.
  • It highlights the product through story. A story that shows how the product is used and the benefits it affords is more effective than a feature rundown. 
  • It showcases real users. Real users win every time. No actors. No stock footage.
  • The featured user is the target customer. This seems like a no brainer but next time you watch a promo video ask yourself if the people in the video accurately reflect what you interpret to be the target customer. 
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