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Throwbacks = Sales

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We came across an article in FastCo Design about some 7-11 throwback rebranding that’s going on in the company’s Swedish market.

Brilliant move. 

Consumers love throwbacks. They love nostalgia. They love being able to participate in the good ol’ days of a brand whether or not they were even alive in said good ol’ days.

Just look at the NFL and other professional sports leagues. Mitchell & Ness, a sports retailer, has made an entire empire on throwback gear.

Every season, countless teams celebrate any anniversary that ends on a “0” or a “5.” As such, they tend to don the uniform of that era for at least one game. The 80-years-ago Redskins and the bumble bee Steelers are great 2012-13 examples: 

And do these jerseys ever sell (even if their hideous). Having attending a few Redskins games this year, the throwback RGIII jersey was everywhere. It’s sharp. It has an ancient feel compared to today’s slick over-designed unis. (Looking at you, Seattle.) And for long-time fans, it reminds you of the good ol’ days, which until lately, were few and far between. And the cheapest prize I could find for the RGIII throwback? $100. That’s money in the bank for a line that was used in-game once. And you can bet that the majority of the folks that bought the throwback already owned at least one standard jersey. 

While people won’t be clamoring for throwback 7-11 coffee cups, it will create a brand affinity, whether the consumer knows it’s happening or not. 

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