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When Small Businesses Want “Jazzy”

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In a microcosmic sort of way, I recently experienced one of the most prominent challenges that exists between builders of small business web products/solutions and those very small businesses…

When it comes to the web, small businesses sometimes want “jazzy.” (Note: this is not a blanket statement. Many small businesses don’t want “jazzy.” The majority recognize “simple” as the priority. But it’s an actual problem that happens. A lot.)

So back to the example. My barber. First of all, she’s wonderful - and she’s often a great resource to remind me of the world that exists outside the tech snow globe. We always talk about what’s happening in our respective lives and, oftentimes, she asks web questions. “Should I do some Facebook ads?” “How do I get ‘good’ at Google?” 

Recently, we started talking about her website. It’s not great. It’s old. She’s locked out of it. It’s… you get the idea. So I told her I’d whip up something clean, simple, easy-to-update, mobile compatible and user-friendly. Essentially, I was going to get her set up on Tumblr. (The idea is that she could have a few pages listing relevant business info - hours, phone number, social links - and that the blog functionality is where she could post pictures of the haircuts she takes.)  Simple. Easy. In exchange, I said, “Do this: I’ll get you up and running and show you how to do updates yourself for a handful of on-the-house haircuts.”  

“Deal!” she exclaimed.

So I did it. I whipped up a simple Tumblr and before redirecting the domain, showed her the mock up. Simple. Vital business information. Some social buttons. And a handful of haircut pics she had sent over. Days later, I got an email. She wanted something more “jazzy.” 

Jazzy? Apparently the focus on func