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Across the social interwebs, lots of people are lambasting the new issue of a popular magazine, specifically for its cover featuring a terrorist. They’re disgusted, appalled. And rightfully so.

But here’s the problem: they’re talking about it. 

If you’re so irate at this magazine for making this horrid (or bold?) editorial move, ignore it. Ranting about it across the web (and including a link to it) does exactly what you’re likely against: send traffic to the story. (Side note: While I haven’t and really don’t care to read the article, I’m sure it’s terribly fascinating, engaging and well-written.)

Michael Collins, perhaps Ireland’s greatest revolutionary and a personal hero, said (or at least he was reported to have said and this will certainly be a paraphrase) of the Crown prior to the Irish Free State: Our greatest weapon is our refusal.

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